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Customers often ask, "Why should I host my site with Beach Computers?" or "Why should I go with Beach Computers instead of another hosting company?"
Simply put, we offer the most features on solid server for the lowest prices and provide the best U.S. based technical support.

Today's trend is to promise the world to a potential customer and under-deliver. However, unlike other companies, we actually deliver on our promises!

This is why we get more than 80% of our business from existing customer referrals.

Below are some reasons to choose Beach Computers as your web hosting provider:

Beach Computers' support and customer friendliness is what separates us from other hosting companies.

We DO NOT outsource our support. Beach Computers feels that no matter how good third party support and help desk providers are, they will never know our systems, our infrastructure and our customers better than we do.


We support more features than other hosting companies without sacrificing service, support, or pricing, and bring enterprise-level solutions to all shared hosting Plans.

Some of the features we provide include:

web site hosting serviceSpam and Virus scanning for every email account and every email message, at no extra monthly cost.

web site hosting serviceOne the most advanced web site statistics and log analysis packages in the industry.

web site hosting serviceA secure, reliable network.

web site hosting serviceMultiple servers in multiple datacenters to assure uptime and accessibility.

web site hosting serviceA comprehensive online account management system.

web site hosting serviceA low number of sites per server, reducing server overhead and ensuring server stability.

web site hosting serviceTrue 24/7/365 free support for every customer and every hosting account.

web site hosting serviceWe utilize the latest available infrastructure and hardware used in the industry.

web site hosting serviceWe provide a control panel which allows our customers to control virtually every aspect of their site to reduce development time and increase site productivity.

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